Testimonial from - Conor & Michelle Mc Nulty

for - Ava, Hugh and Kate

Years Attended - 2008 - 2013


We are forever grateful to Nuala and Ann for giving our three children such a loving and encouraging start to learning outside the home. You knew our Children so well and knew exactly what to do and when. Building confidence, managing their highs and helping them appreciate the meaning of manners ! How you inspired such enthusiasm to going to you in the morning is a gift but not surprising. They are in big school now but judge every teacher on you both. We look forward to the occasional visit with an apple tart in hand.

Testimonial from - Carol Moss Weir

for - Lucy Moss Weir

Years Attended - 2011-2013


We cannot begin to express our gratitude for all the hard work,love, and dedication shown to Lucy. This was our first experience with preschool and we could not have chosen a better place for her to have grown, learn, and develop her early learning and social skills. You gave me and my family the confidence and trust we were looking for in a school.It is a very difficult decision to leave your children with people whom you barely know, but your reassuring and understanding made the decision very easy.Although the time comes for every child to move on to the next chapter of their life, we are truly going to miss you and Ann.We can’t thank you enough for all you've done for Lucy.It is truly appreciated.You have such wonderful fun things for the children to do/experience. Lucy truly loved going to primrose every day and has learned so much. We look forward to Zara starting with you in 2016 :0)

Lucy loved going into primrose there was never a morning that she didn't wish to go, she has learned so much an excelled in areas which she wasn't as confident in nuala has a wonderful way with children and they all look up to her as a wonderful directress.

Thank you Nuala and Ann for everything.

Testimonial from - Tony & Caroline Donohoe

for - Robyn, Grace & Isobelle

Years Attended - 2009-2011 and 2013-present

Our three children attended Primrose Montessori Preschool for 2 years before starting Primary School. In fact our youngest child Isobelle is still attending and has one year remaining. When we first met Nuala we warmed to her straight away and so did our four girls. They would awake every morning relishing 
the thought of meeting Nuala & Ann and would not look back when we arrived at the door. As a parent there is no greater feeling to know your child is being well cared for and is happy in their environment. Nuala greets all the parents in such a pleasant and charming fashion alleviating any worries one may have for their  child’s progression. Primrose Montessori has that very warm homely atmosphere and Nuala’s positive kind attitude benefits all the  children in her class. We feel our girls have made great progress from their two years attendance and it has provided excellent grounding for them before moving onto Primary School. Thanks Nuala for everything! Robyn, Grace and Isobelle loved their time with Nuala & Ann and still to this day speak of their Nativity plays at Christmas and tours to Lullymore. They hold lovely memories of their time with Primrose Montessori.


Testimonial from - Melanie Harding

for - Emily

Years Attended - 2013

I was heartbroken to have to take Emily out of Primrose Montessori but unfortunately Australia beckoned. Nuala and Ann were incredibly kind and understanding in the weeks leading up to our departure and were only ever concerned with Emily's well being and happiness. Emily absolutely loved her time at Primrose Montessori. She would happily leave me in the morning and not look back. She was always a happy, chatty, friendly and intelligent child and the few short months that she spent with Nuala and Ann, further developed these traits. I can not recommend Primrose Montessori highly enough and only wish that Emily could have seen out her playschool years there.


Testimonial from - Caroline Cahill

for - Tara, Roisin, Peter & Robbie Cahill

Years Attended - 1994 - 2005


All four of my children attended Primrose Montessori School. Nuala was excellent at harnessing their individual strengths, promoting independence and preparing them for ‘big school’.For me, as a parent where Primrose Montessori School excels is in the area of Special educational needs provision.My third child has Down Syndrome. He attended Primrose Montessori School for two years before starting mainstream school. He presented with some challenging behaviour & I worried would he be able to cope, would Nuala be able to cope & would he fit in. My fears were groundless. Nuala has an uncanny ability to meet the individual needs of every child while working in a group environment. My son flourished under Nualas expert care. We noticed significant improvements in his behaviour, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, independence & social skills. His two years with Nuala were invaluable in preparing him for mainstream school. His peers in preschool were totally accepting of him as children of that age can be. This proved invaluable later when some of those some children started mainstream primary school with him. I would have no hesitation in recommending Primrose Montessori School for any child but, in the case of a child with any Special Educational Need I would say Nuala excels at what she does.Today, my son has successfully completed mainstream primary school & is in 3rd year (special class) in mainstream secondary school.All four of my children loved going to preschool, making friends, bringing home their work, participating in Christmas shows & graduation concerts.

Testimonial from - Paul and Celine McSweeney

for - Conor, Aisling, Ciara and Aoife

Years Attended - 1998-2006


Our four children attended Primrose Montessori Preschool for two years each before starting school. I could not speak highly enough of Nuala Keane and her approach to the children. She treated all the children in her preschool as she would her own, with such kindness and individual attention. We felt it was like a home from home. Nuala was always completely open and approachable with us in every aspect of their care and education.

Our children had a wonderful introduction to the educational system. Nuala's family are very involved in Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann so music was an every day event in Primrose Montessori Preschool. After so many years with Nuala she became like part of our family. The children still talk about her with great fondness and always love to meet her. She got the most from each child and has a very unique way with all children.